4. About-Work

Images courtesy of División de Diseño

In a world where unlimited access to content is the norm, fine art remains gated to the large majority of the public. In an attempt to redefine how art can reach further than the traditionally restricted pools of art academics, collectors, and enthusiasts, the artists reflected on their conversations by coupling Cabret’s paintings with Julia’s photography and archiving them in a custom-built web platform that lives beyond exhibition dates, space, and institutional confines. By creating a virtual space for their work, not only are the artists improving on creating space for accessibility, but they also foster a more intimate setting between the spectator and the work. about-work.net is meant to establish a dialogue between the exhibition space and the virtual space when consumers are encouraged to utilize their mobile devices to experience the artworks.

About-work.net is a collaboration between Ricardo Cabret, Maximilián Juliá and División de Diseño

Images & video courtesy of División de Diseño