2. WOTY 2.5: Raúl

Images courtesy of Camille Rouzaud 

Word of the Year 2.5: Raúl is a project by French artist Camille Rouzaud. Raúl is a series of four printed photos on canvas and small concrete and glass sculptures which are composed of printed images and stills extracted from a 2015 documentation video shot inside an apartment building in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the artist Camille Rouzaud lived and established a friendship relationship with a teenage named Raúl. Rouzaud is interested in capturing the performativity and energy that the corporeal  body carry with each of us. Through incorporating sculptural materials such as concrete, glass, wood and stone, she emphasizes the emotional weight of her subjects. Rouzaud is interested in the complexity of human existence: investigating how individuals interact with one another and exploring limitations of freedom among peers and family units. Much like the people she portrays, her work is in constant flux. Through this motion of making fixed objects, she creates a time capsule that celebrates personal histories, ethnicities, complexities rather than generalizations and linear narratives.

Artist Statement:

“The capacity for resistance, as a teenager, fascinates me. When your environment isn’t easy, you just have this unconscious strength coming out of you without even realizing it, without knowing anything else. That’s how you get through the tough times. In a raw or more poetic way, the freedom, a defiant look, the intimacy, the identity into/of the diversity, the courage, the sweetness linked to the violence are what I’m looking for in all of my work. My own capacity of resistance when I was a young teenager and my own capacity here as an artist.”

- Camille Rouzaud

Camille Rouzaud (b.1986 in Narbonne, France) is an artist living and working in New York City. Recent solo exhibitions: DIAGONAL, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2018, LAPAIX in  PARIS, 2018. Selected group exhibitions: IMPLOSION: FRAGMENTOS Y POSSIBILIDADES, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2018, FORGOTTEN LANDS, Brooklyn, New York, 2017, THE HOUSE OF BLAHBLAH, Middlesbrough, England, 2017,  HIDRANTE, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2017, among others.

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